What is ACSED?

Are you ready to be a member of an organization that is making a difference promoting the employment, promotion and fair treatment of persons with disabilities? If so, the Association of California State Employees with Disabilities [ACSED] wants to hear from you. ACSED was established in 1976 as an independent private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in California. Directed by individuals with disabilities, its purpose is to ensure action on disability issues in state government.

ACSED mission statement


Certified by State government as a bona fide State association, ACSED:

  • Participated in the CalHR/SPB Joint Project to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations for improving the hiring and retention of employees with disabilities in state government
  • Sponsored state legislation requiring departments to have Disability Advisory Committees (DACs)
  • Convinced the State Personnel Board (SPB) to establish the Statewide Disability Advisory Council (SDAC)
  • Promoted an increase in the disability employment representation rate
  • Convinced SPB to include language in recent revisions to equal employment opportunity laws to ensure protection of employees with disabilities
  • Model of disability employment

Moving Forward

Right now, the need for a vigilant and active ACSED is greaterSenator Richard Pan speaking than ever. The dismantling of the infrastructure for affirmative action and limited support for civil rights enforcement in state government jeopardizes gains made by employees with disabilities. As many state agencies  are hiring to  fill vacancies created during the last recession,  there is an increased need for ensuring that  applicants with  disabilities are considered for  these openings.

Additionally, we need to ensure that both new and existing employees with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations in a timely manner.

Why Join ACSED?

ACSED is uniquely qualified to address these and other issues facing employees and potential employees with disabilities. Unlike the SDAC or DACs, ACSED is a private and independent organization, which can advocate independently and respond quickly.

  • Communicate directly with the Governor, Legislature, and Department Directors on disability issues regarding policy
  • Serve as an independent voice promoting disability awareness throughout state government
  • Address issues that affect employees with disabilities today
  • Advocate for full implementation of recommendations made by the CalHR/SPB Joint Project
  • Support the selection of persons with disabilities to appointed positions
  • Conduct training conferences, workshops and special programs

How to Join ACSED

Now is the time for individuals with disabilities and others who care about disability employment to join ACSED. Your support and participation will allow us to continue our advocacy on behalf of employees with disabilities.

Download the ACSED Membership Application and join today.

ACSED membership is open to current State employees [$30/yr], individuals not currently working for the State [$24/yr] and college students in or seeking State employment [$12/yr]. Payment may be by check, payroll or retirement check deduction.

Alternate Format Notice:

If you need this document in an alternative format such as braille, large print, electronic text or audio recording, please email Ralph Black at ralphdblack@att.net or call (916) 531-6460.

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