The ACSED Advocacy Committee meets throughout the year with State Departmental leadership and Legislators in addressing the systemic issues that limit equality in the hiring, retention and promotion of PWDs in state service. We collaborate with CA Department of Human Resources, the State Personnel Board, the Department of Rehabilitation and other departments. These activities go to mission of our organization.


Participate in State Disability Advisory Council (SDAC) and departmental Disability Advisory Council (DAC) meetings to inform them of the role we can play in addressing systemic barriers that limit the hiring, retention and promotion of individuals with disabilities.
Mentor and consult with the State Disability Advisory Committee and individual department DACs and SDAC in addressing ongoing systemic issues.
Participated in the CalHR/SPB Joint Project to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations for improving the hiring and retention of employees with disabilities in state government.
Career Development Program: This membership benefit, jointly presented with the Asian Pacific State Employee Association (APSEA), is a lunch time seminar designed to provide professional development workshops to state employees. Subjects range from resume development, to skill development, to understanding the “system”, etc. The workshops are offered at no cost to ACSED and APSEA members.
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