I am very pleased to announce that yesterday Governor Newsom signed AB 1195-a bill which was co-sponsored by ACSED and Disability Rights California. This bill, which passed the Legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, will correct a significant problem with the current administration of the Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP). Now a department interested in hiring people with disabilities will again be able to obtain a separate LEAP only list and hire someone from that list. This will make it easier for supportive departments to hire people with disabilities and will improve the effectiveness of the LEAP program.

Thanks to all of you who wrote letters to the Governor or otherwise contributed to the effort to get this bill signed into law. When combined with the other ACSED sponsored bill, AB 313, which was enacted last year, AB 1195 will help improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities in state government.

Scott Richmond
ACSED President