Events and Activities

Events and Activities

ACSED Training Symposium:

ACSED hosts a training symposium every two years for all state departments and employees on current and ongoing issues affecting state employees with disabilities. The next scheduled ACSED Symposium will be in 2019.


ACSED has long recognized the value of an awards program that honors outstanding efforts of individuals and departments to help increase the employment and fair treatment of persons with disabilities (PWDs_ in State service. Over the years, awards have been presented to departments, individuals, legislators, legislative staffs, etc.

This program includes the following three Awards:

  • Employer of the Year: The “ACESAwards;
  • DAC of the Year Award and the
  • Ralph Black Public Service Award.

ACES’ or Employer of the Year Awards:
The “ACES” is ACSED’s designation for those State agencies that have shown a strong commitment and made substantial progress in the employment, promotion and fair treatment of persons with disabilities (PWDs). These awards are awarded to the department with the best record employing and promoting persons with disabilities. Depending on the size of the department, there are three awards.

DAC of the Year Award:
This award is a collaborative effort of ACSED and the Statewide Disability Advisory Council [SDAC] of CalHR. Its intent is to acknowledge the top three DAC’s in State service for their superior efforts to effectively assist their departments in the employment, promotion and fair treatment of persons with disabilities [PWDs].

Ralph Black Award:
This award is given to an individual with a disability who has demonstrated the following:

  1. Significant contribution to promoting disability rights, particularly in terms of expanding employment opportunities for people with disabilities;
  2. A sustained commitment of leadership and time, above and beyond their employment duties, to ACSED or other disability-related organization;
  3. A career dedicated to excellence in public service or clear potential for such achievement.
2018 Award Winners:


  • California Department of Tax and Fee Administration – Large
  • State Lottery Commission – Medium
  • Office of the Inspector General – Small

DAC of the year

  • California Department of Veterans Affairs – DAC of Year
  • California Highway Patrol – Achievement
  • Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development – Achievement

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