ACSED adheres to the motto of the disability civil rights movement, “Nothing About Us Without Us”. Because we are a volunteer organization, the amount of the impact we can have depends directly on membership participation. Your support and involvement will allow us to better support our members and continue our advocacy on behalf of employees with disabilities.

The need for a vigilant and active ACSED is as great as ever. Senator Richard Pan speaking

Since the dismantling of the infrastructure for affirmative action and limited support for civil rights enforcement in state government, there is less focus on diversity and equal employment opportunity. In addition, as many state agencies hire to fill vacancies created by retiring baby boomers, there is an increased need for ensuring that applicants with disabilities are considered for these openings.

Please join us to help make a difference for current and future state employees with disabilities.

Membership Categories and Dues

Category Definition Annual Dues
Regular Members Current state employees $30
Supporting Members Retirees and others not working for the state, except students $24
Student Members Students in postsecondary education not in permanent civil service positions $12

You can apply using our convenient online membership application or you can download the membership application form and submit it to ACSED Membership Registrar, Lisa Brown as described below. Payment can be made by personal credit card, personal check or payroll or retirement deduction. We do not accept payment of membership dues by a state agency by either check or credit card.

If you prefer to download the application form and want to pay by credit card or payroll/retirement deduction, you can scan the completed form and email it to ACSED Membership Registrar, Lisa Brown at

If you wish to pay by check, you will need to print the completed application and send it by mail to:

Association of California State Employees with Disabilities
5960 South Land Park Drive
PMB 194
Sacramento, CA 95822

If you use the online application form and indicate you want to pay by credit card, once you click on “become a member” you will be redirected to PayPal which is our online payment processing service. (If your web browser blocks redirection from one site to another, you may need to change that setting to allow redirection to PayPal.)

Once you are redirected, you will have the option to pay your dues using your personal PayPal account (if you have or wish to establish one) or to simply enter your credit or debit card information without logging into PayPal. Dues paid by credit card are slightly higher to cover service fees charged by PayPal.

Please note that, in subsequent years, you will receive a renewal notice and your dues will automatically be billed to the same card. However, you always have the option to change your payment method at any time.

If you experience difficulty with the payment process, send an email to

Once you have applied for membership and paid your dues, we encourage you to complete our Member Interest Questionnaire to let us know how you would like to get involved in ACSED.