Parking and Directions

Directions and Parking for the Symposium:
Parking Options Near CalEPA

There are several parking garages near the CalEPA Building where the 2019 ACSED training Symposium will be held.

  • Across the street is the City Hall parking garage
  • At 10th and L is the Capitol garage
  • On 13th Street, between I and J streets, is the Convention center garage
  • There is a private parking lot behind the building
  • There is street parking all around the area, Fridays are typically not so busy and parking is available

Additional Information About Parking Options

Find information on city-owned / operated parking lots. Information regarding on-street parking meters (including maps), how to obtain a parking meter “debit card”, and meter holiday schedule is available from the City of Sacramento site.

Information regarding Department of General Services managed parking lots, see

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