April 2018: ACSED Quick News

Here is some news from ACSED on the recent activities of your President and Board. Please be sure to renew your membership and encourage others to join. Remember, we are stronger together!!

Disability Advisory Committees (DAC) & SDAC presentations

Over the past 3 months, Dan Clark, ACSED President, has presented about ACSED and discussed with DACs our mission, and activities and what role ACSED can work together to meet our respective missions. I met with the DACs of the Employment Development Department on January 26, the Department of Motor Vehicles on February 15 and with the SDAC on March 22.

It was surprising how many DAC members did not really know our primary mission of systemic change. Those who had heard of ACSED thought our main function was to hand out awards. Hopefully, once they understood our true mission and activities they began to see how we can better work together.

Meeting with the DACs and SDAC has been a positive experience. After each meeting there has been significant increase in “hits” to our website. As a result we have picked up several new members.

I will be meeting next with Franchise Tax Board’s DAC tentatively set for April 18.

Emergency Preparedness Workshop

March 7 ACSED conducted a follow up presentation of the Emergency Preparedness workshop presented by Vance Taylor, Chief of the Office of Access and Functional Needs, at the Office of Emergency Services, at the Department of Rehabilitation. This workshop, which was scheduled as one of our 2017 Training Symposium workshops, was canceled because the devastating fires in Napa, Sonoma County. Nineteen staff from 5-6 State departments attended the 2 hour workshop.

Continued Work on Implementing the Joint Project

Along with Past President Catherine Campisi and Recording Secretary, Ralph Black, we are continuing discussion with CalHR, SPB, and the Department of Rehabilitation on implementing high priority recommendations for policy change to increase disability employment in state service. We are seeking to convene a meeting to further discuss changes to the LEAP program.

ACSED Legislative Response:

The ACSED legislative Committee is now reviewing state and federal legislation which affects persons with disabilities especially in the area of employment. Please let us know if you hear of any bills which we should consider analyzing and responding to.

About ACSED Team

Association of California State Employees with Disabilities: Action and Equality for Employees with Disabilities - founded in 1976. The organization still exists and is among the leaders in advocacy in state government for employees with disabilities.
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